Reuniting Europe

Let’s be realistic, politically incorrect and a bit cynical.
As we speak, Schengen is already dead. Faced with a biblical exodus from other continents to Europe, EU countries have installed border controls.
The controls will last well over the 2 months allowed by the Schengen agreements. So long for Schengen, one of the EU pillars. Juncker said he wont’t allow Schengen to collapse. So he will need to resign.
For now Germany is absorbing close to 100% of the migrants. Sweden is doing a perhaps greater effort, according to scale, but the country is on the brink.
Someday soon Germany too will close its borders. The current arrival rate of immigrants, only from Greece, is of 10,000 a day. Austria says it can absorb 80,000. In less than 8 days, Austria would close borders too, but I’m sure they will do it simultaneously with Germany.
The migrants from the exodus wave will fill in the remaining EU and European space, at the cost of the collapse of governments and of the political systems.
Let’s imagine Germany closes its borders today. How long will the EU last? My guess is as good as yours. Two EU summits held in two consecutive weeks. I promise I will report, but it will be about the end of EU.

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