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A paper published by the Martens Centre, the EPP think tank, tells us to accept the reality of a substantial conflict with Russia. And basically to prepare for the worst.
I came across the booklet by chance, attending an event by the Martens Centre on another topic, about the “post- South Stream”.
While I listened the speakers, I realized that the booklet was more interesting, and probably more controversial, than the talk show. My only tweets during the gas conference were about what I saw in the booklet.

I know: this is only a pamphlet written by two people. But the EPP is the number one force which made the EU and what its think tank says probably carries more weight that some people would say in their blog.
This is why I stop here. The rest of this blogpost is quotations from the booklet.
Fasten your seat belts.

“Russia has become a revisionist power that is undermining core principles of international law and challenging the European peace order.”

“The confrontation with a newly aggressive Russia is the most severe test. The European Union has to bury the idea of a modernisation partnership with Russia as long as the Putin regime is in power, let go of its Russia First approach, engage massively on reform in Eastern Europe and learn to accept the reality of a substantial conflict with Russia.”

“Russia will not return to a cooperative attitude as long as Vladimir Putin is in power. Europe and North America are in for a longer-term conflict, and must prepare for it politically, economically and militarily.”

“NATO has to adjust to the threats posed by a new kind of warfare practised by Russia. It should, among other things, review the interpretation of ‘attack’ in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.”

“Article 5 may not have to be reformulated. But a concerted use by a foreign power of cyber warfare, propaganda and/or irregular forces (‘little green men’) should become part of the generally accepted interpretations of ‘armed attack’. Moreover, and even more importantly, NATO and its member states are only at the beginning of a process of developing methods to defend against, and to deter, hybrid threats.”

“Hence, to make a resurgence of the West possible, Putin’s Russia must be confronted, Europe must become more responsible, primarily through a better European Union, and the transatlantic relationship must undergo a thorough renewal. This is what we call the renaissance of the West.”

I could quote more, but you can read the original.

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