Reuniting Europe

EU leaders are meeting tomorrow to elect successors to Council President Herman Van Rompuy and EU foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton. They are also expected to discuss the situation in Ukraine, where reportedly the Russian army has openly invaded, and decide further sanctions.

The Ukraine situation has strongly boosted the chances of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to succeed to Van Rompuy. Poland has been the most ardent supporter of pro-European Ukraine and his election will certainly deal a blow to Moscow.
As a journalist I have many times witnessed the irony with which Russian officials describe their EU counterparts, namely Van Rompuy and Ashton. I’m sure they would be more respectful of Tusk.
Electing Tusk will also confirm the stature of Poland as a major player in the EU. Poland’s major strength is that the country is strongly pro-European and that its 10 years of EU membership can be described as a success story, illustrating the benefits of EU enlargement and EU reunification.
Poland’s turbulent history has had many low periods, but this time POLSKA is at its peak.

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