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Hi, I found this excellent piece in FB written by “Victoria Bandida” (Viktoria Taranenko), published on 5 December, and decided to re-publish it without much edits. There is also an original version in Russian.
I think this is the photo of Viktoria: And this is what she wrote:

“When I read articles in the foreign press, listening to statements such as “why do you Ukrainians need this EU???? We have problems here… “, I came to the conclusion that you do not understand what is happening in Ukraine.

Let me try to explain. It is not about the EU. It’s not about your Schengen zone, not about your values, standards of living, culture and so on.

Our “president” was twice imprisoned for robbery in his youth. Our “prime-minister” does not speak Ukrainian. None of them speaks English. All our courts are corrupted and work for the interests of the Mafia family of Yanukovych. The raiding in our country thrives.

Our police rapes women, kill people and avoids prisons

Sons of our MPs and the MPs themselves kill people by driving drunk. And they are never imprisoned

ALL our road police takes bribes. They don’t issue fine tickets, they just take bribes:

In Scandinavia the king is going to the office by bus, your ministers are riding bikes. And that’s our president and prime minister going to work:

All roads on the cortege route are shut for 20-40 minutes when our leaders pass. The cars of common people are pressed to sidewalks or simply wait in a traffic jams. When they cannot block traffic, the guards of our Prime Minister swear on drivers and beat their cars:
What do Ukrainians do? They pump the horn of their cars , at least to protest somehow:

You say that Ukraine is heavily dependent on Russian gas and Russia . Let’s analyse.
Ukraine produces about 21 billion cubic meters of gas per annum. For comparison, Poland consumes less than 15 billion cubic meters of gas per annum. Ukrainian gas should be enough for Ukraine. Why do we buy every year more than 30 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia and where it’s all going? I don’t know. Perhaps it should be ask in the monopolistic company “Naftogaz Ukraine”.

You say Ukraine depends on exports to Russia. It’s true. 1/4 of all Ukrainian exports go to Russia. Do you know where is 1/4 of Ukrainian exports? It goes to you. To the EU countries. We can cope with the loss of trade relations with Russia. Especially taking into consideration that the agreement with the EU implies the expansion of trade with Europe. Poland coped with similar difficulties very quickly.

Let’s compare the prices in Europe and Ukraine.

Dress in Berlin – 50 euros –

The same dress in Kiev – 65 euros –


France – 2 euro –,-œufs/fromages/pointe-de-brie/id1/466/16839

Ukraine – 7 euros -


Poland – 0.70 euro – –…

Ukraine – 1.1 euros –молоко+незб…

Should I continue? Now let’s compare the level of salaries:

The average salary in Ukraine for surgeon is less than 300 euros per month. And how much do your surgeons earn?

An average salary in Ukraine is 320 euros, and what is your salary?

Where do you think goes the money of the country where people work so hard?

Check out: a vast array of real estate of our president Yanukovych: – a new house near Kiev. Several pools, lake, golf course. Area – 1.8 hectares: + 30 hectares of forests. There is a separate traffic lane on the road which leads from his residence to Kiev.

And this is a summer house of Yanukovych in the Crimea: Our president has bought more than 3 hectare of national park “Cape Aya” for only $ 800 000. Let’s neglect the fact that conservancy areas are not allowed to sell at all! But why is it so cheap? (100 sqm apartment nearby Sebastopol costs an average of $ 70 000) Probably because he is the “president”.

This is only a partial list of possessions of the successful family of Yanukovych. I will not mention how Yanukovych clan eliminates its rivals and former friends. Look in Internet – Yevgeny Shcherban Yevgeny Kushnarev , Georgy Kirpa , Zino Kulik (Евгений Щербань, Евгений Кушнарев, Георгий Кирпа, Зиновий Кулик). Look how they died! Nobody cannot prove anything, but I do not insist.

Yanukovych is not the KGB, he is not Lukashenko, not Putin or Ceausescu . He is a criminal. Behind him is his mafia family – Yanukovych Jr., Rinat Akhmetov, Sergei Lyovochkin, Dimitriy Firtash etc. All of them steal from the Ukrainian budget billions of euros annually. All of them have business in Ukraine, and lead the country to default. They are not interested in the European market. Therefore, they do not deal with geopolitics, they do not make a choice – either Russia or EU. The isolation of Ukraine is their benefit. Because in the isolated country they can do whatever they want. Now Yanukovych actually set up Ukraine for auction – who is the highest bidder: Russia or Europe. Urging the EU to negotiate a trilateral – the EU , Russia, Ukraine, he actually admitted that Ukraine is not a sovereign state, it belongs to Russia, which must agree with the EU “will we sell?” and “how much”. Because for Yanukovych and his gang, Ukraine – is not a country. This is a business project, this is a pump, transferring the money into their pockets.

Now you are probably asking yourself how we live. As you can see, we are fighting. We are educated, we are able to work, and it is important that we are not going to betray ourcountry. Because for us, Ukraine – not a business project, this is our Motherland.

So we protest for many long days and cold nights. White House Petition for U.S. government to arrest the accounts of Yanukovych scored 100,000 signatures in less than 4 days –

On Sunday 24 November there were more than 100 000 people on the main square

And our government brought police and several thousand sports marginals – “titushki-provocators”. Each of them received between 20 and 100 euro. And the task of each one of them was to provoke a fight or just beat the people.

During the last few days, they beat a lot of us, including several journalists (even foreign), and even two police officers who were trying to protect press correspondents. And no punishment is expected for this criminal army, formed over 4 years by Yanukovych. This morning the power broke up a peaceful rally by using force, for which in Europe every policeman would go to jail –

This is the country where I live. This is my Motherland. Where 45 million people cannot get rid of a bunch of 10 criminals, conquered the power in the country. Our “president”, knowing that he would never win the election in 2015, now is struggling to usurp the power. Become the second Lukashenko. But neither Yanukovych nor Putin understand one simple thing, the Ukrainians are not Russians, they are not Belarusians. As we don’t have dystopian fatalism, as in Russia. We don’t have excessive tolerance, as in Belarus. But, unlike Russia and Belarus, we found out what is real freedom, we managed to win power in 2004, and now we will not give up so easily.

Now tell me, are Ukrainian protests caused by the desire to be in EU?

No, my dear ones. We are well aware of all the difficulties in your countries. We know very well how hard it will be on a way of European integration. But for us, the agreement with the EU, it is not a visa-free regime, not high wages, not good medicine and education. For us, the agreement with the EU would be a sign that the criminal system is destroyed. And first of all – that the gang power will be under the control of European politicians. This is what our president is so afraid of. And that’s exactly what we want so much.”

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  1. Hi:

    This, was very interesting! It is amazing how much you can learn from someone who is inside Ukraine, and knows exactly what is going on. The propaganda being fed to the masses outside your country is not anything like you described in this article. Its horrible that the people of a WHOLE country, are suffering the wrath of an “underworld” leader.

    So, can I ask you, are Putin and Yanukyvich in this together on the lending of 15 billion dollars to the Ukrainian country on the guise of stealing a large amount of it? I can understand exactly where you are coming from if they are using, and stealing any and everything they can from the country. You people will never be able to live a decent life!

    I am bookmarking this page! When someone starts to holler about how the EU would make things worse for your country, I think that is up to the people of your country to decide, because evidently, we do not know a darn thing about the truth of your country.

    Bill Baker

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