Reuniting Europe

I’m uploading the leaked EU-Ukraine association agreement, which the EU is not prepared to sign, at least until Kyiv complies with a number of conditions such as putting an end to ‘selective justice’ (an euphemism for the Tymoshenko case) etc.

The entering into force of the 906-pages paper has a geopolitical dimension, because Russia is taking advantage of the EU-Ukraine stalemate to advance its own agenda.

Download the leaked EU-Ukraine association agreement here

I will return to the matter, and invite for comments.








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  1. The EU should stay out of Ukrainian affairs. I recognise that Russia has equal interest. Between the two, Russia is the State that should have the strategic advantage. The EU wants to destroy Russia and any rise of an integrated region, such as the recent Customs Union among Russia, Kazakhstan, and Byelorussia. EU stay out, fix your fiscal house, and surrender your ambition at hegemony. My advice to Russia: recreate the Soviet Union, to the extent possible.

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