Reuniting Europe

I should congratulate Van Rompuy’s office for their very informative page “EU multiannual financial framework (MFF) negotiations.” It really helps me doing my job as a journalist covering an area of which I’m not very familiar – EU long-term budgeting.

However, if you click at the place called “The latest version of the negotiating box”, it takes you to a very old version of the budget proposal – the one proposed by the Cyprus Presidency on 29 October.

So the two proposals made by Van Rompuy for the 2014-2020 budget cannot be found at the Van Rompuy website.

Happily enough, the first one was first published by EurActiv France, and published the latest proposal released tabled at the 22-23 November summit.

Maybe I should not complain – more people will be visiting the EurActiv websites. Does anyone have any idea why the Council is so secretive about its own proposals?

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