Reuniting Europe

Commission President José Manuel Barroso delivered yesterday (12 September) a remarkable State of the Union speech, in which he pleaded for launching a wide-ranging public debate for a major transformation of the European Union into a “federation of nation states”.

He made it clear that his vision for a federation of member states was by no means a superstate, similar to the USA. He called it a “democratic federation of nation states that can tackle our common problems, through the sharing of sovereignty in a way that each country and each citizen are better equipped to control their own destiny”.

But what Barroso didn’t say is if the Union becomes a federation, should it change its name? Will it be the United Nations of Europe? Or the European Federation? Or something else?

I asked the question today at the Commission midday briefing. Spokeperson Olivier Bailly smiled and called it “interesting”.

What do you think?

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  1. EU still stands as a pretty good name. Since not much is going to actually change, in a federation of nations nota bene, a re-branding should not be necessary. This is interesting as I mentioned on twitter a couple of days ago that some people asked me, in relation with a Federal Europe, where should the capital city be! A federal district maybe? Either way, United States of Europe seems kinda childish, although it serves as a good federal ticker.

  2. When you see that the USA that are often contracted to US, it means to me that 3 caracters are too much. And USE is too close from the USA.

    What about EF for European Federation ?
    And why not EU for European Union. Do we really have to change the name again ?

  3. The question is less that of the name but of what a Federation means. It does not require such a supranational or Community concept as an INDEPENDENT European Commission. Mr Barroso is therefore proposing the elimination of the Commission and his own job. Schuman said a Federation was a SuperState.

  4. Sure, a Federal District might help Belgium to overcome most of its federal debats also and on the top of that save all the manoy of moving MEPs so often from one Parliment to another… as for the rebranding, it has already been done twenty years ago, so may be each generation may vote for one?

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