Reuniting Europe

I listened yesterday to Commission President José Manuel Barroso and this morning to Council President Herman Van Rompuy speaking to the EU ambassadors. Same speech, same messages. Dupont and Dupond, I thought.

“The heat is on the eurozone,” Barroso says. “I would say even more: the heat is on the eurozone,” Van Rompuy adds.

It’s true that we live in the country of Tintin. But one may rise the question: do we need two people for what is basically the same job?

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  1. It’s one of the EU conundrums. Since we are not federal, not confederate nor a republic, we have more bodies doing similar jobs with different decision levels. Up until we decide which institution does what, which is needed and which needs to evolve, we might be stuck with both of them.

  2. Van Rompuy is the most non presidential material you could try to be. For a would be superpower (if only economic) he is the most wimpish, ordinary, plain and charisma-less person you could wish for. Still needs an EU citizen paid private jet to get around though!

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