Reuniting Europe

Commentators say Germany lost at the last EU summit. I’m not sure about that, the small script of EU summits agreements can be very tricky. But they certainly lost their match with Italy played on the same evening and the image overlapped. But who won?
I think it was Ukraine. The EU has so far boycotted at the political level the matches in Ukraine in the Euro 2012 cup, which the country co-hosts with Poland, by not sending its high representatives. Had Germany won on 28 June, no EU leader would have attended tomorrow’s final in Kyiv.

But Italy won the match, while its Prime Minister Mario Monti played his cards extremely well at the summit. And although Monti is far from being a football freak, he said he will attend the final match. This encouraged Spain to consider sending either its Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, or the heir to the throne Prince Felipe, or both.
Had Germany played the final, no EU leader would attend. Germany is spearheading the boycott, officially over the Tymoshenko case, but although I spend a lot of time covering EU-Ukraine relations, I doubt this motivation. And I’m not the only one.
Anyway. Breaking the boycott for the final game looks to me as great news. It looks like the EU leaders present in Kyiv are boycotting the German boycott.
Forget the regime. Ukraine has put a lot of effort of being a good host to the Euro 2012 cup as a nation. They deserve a great show for the final and I’m sure this is what we are going to see.

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