Reuniting Europe

‘Delors dérange’

I’m amazed that the mainstream press ignored the important statements made by Jacques Delors, the long-serving Commission President, seen by many as one of the “Fathers of Europe”.
Delors said that EU leaders were “killing Europe”, replacing the community method by inter-governmental solutions and nationalism, with the complicity of the Union’s institutions. He named Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy, Olli Rehn.

As someone commented under the article I wrote, probably the reason that the mainstream press pretended the event never took place is that ‘Delors dérange’.
Under Communism, when a dissident made an important statement, the establishment pretended nothing happened. But back then, people would circulate an apocryphal publication to the wider audience.
Political correctness rules the Brussels bubble. And it looks like the free press is a more effective opinion killer than censorship.

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