Reuniting Europe

Apparently, Nicolas Sarkozy wants Greece out of Schengen. And then Bulgaria and Romania would not join, simply because it would be more pragmatic that the border-free EU area would stop at the Hungarian border with Romania.

In his high-profile speech at Villepinte yesterday (11 March), candidate for re-election Sarkozy said a country that has difficulties controlling its borders should be excluded from Schengen. Obviously, this was a stab on Greece, where reportedly up to 200 illegal immigrants cross its border from Turkey, at a place named Orestiada.
Sarkozy also said he wanted the Schengen rules changed so that decisions are made by nations and not “technocrats and courts”.
Furthermore, he went so far as to suggest that France should leave Schengen, if changes he wants are not implemented within a year.

Look at the map. If Greece is excluded from Schengen, the accession of Bulgaria and Romania, which was seen as a way to fill mission pieces from the map, looks like more of a burden than an advantage. It is not difficult to imagine that Sarkozy would find enough support among Schengen members for such a deception. By pushing for Greece out of Schengen, Sarkozy would kill three birds with one stone. And I suspect he will be quick with his move, to cash in on his right-wing electorate.

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  1. I am not sure how much attention should one pay to pompous election campaign statements. Let’s not forget that the main slogan of the Greek socialist party and George Papandreou himself was “There is money”

  2. It would be better for Greece to leave Schengen and for Bulgaria and Romania never to join it!

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