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French President Sarkozy seeks re-election with the help of a campaign hymn unveiled last Sunday. I won’t comment the artistic value of the piece. Some say it reflects the motto of Sarkozy’s campaign: “La France forte”.

Others see it as “similar to the soundtrack of some bad Hollywood movie”. But listen yourselves.
There is some controversy over the fact that this music, written by a Frenchman, was recorded in Bulgaria, in a cost-cutting effort. Reportedly, the 50-strong Sofia orchestra was unaware that it was recording a piece for the outgoing French president, who is popular in Bulgaria for his role in freeing the Bulgarian nurses from Libyan jail in 2007. Overall, the news that Sarkozy had recorded his campaign hymn in Sofia made a lot of headlines in the Bulgarian media and was seen in a positive light.
But many in the French social media say that Sarkozy doesn’t practice what he preaches, as he positions himself as the promoter of the “made in France” and advises business against outsourcing. Without any doubt, Marine Le Pen, leader of the nationalist ‘Front National’, would seize the opportunity to denounce what can be seen as a contradiction in her rival’s words and deeds.
By the way, a French blogger made the surprising discovery that the sea in the background of Sarkozy’s election poster is not near a French coast, but in Greece. One has to be careful with digital pictures these days, as they carry global positioning data…
But what is perhaps even more revealing about the French candidate for re-election is that his services suspended four parody Twitter accounts. According to Twitter rules, the authors of such humoristic accounts should make it clear that they are not the person they try to caricature. Apparently this was made clear, but the accounts were suspended whatsoever. Some in France accuse Twitter of ‘censoring’ Sarkozy’s accounts. I don’t think the story will end here.

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