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John Lennon and ACTA

John Lennon remained my role model in mysterious ways even after he was killed on 8 December 1980.

One can figure out what John would like or dislike at present times. Last month at the Brussels airport, I was given a glossy Montblanc advertisement brochure, suggesting that John would use and promote this exotically expensive writing device, if he was still around.
I don’t believe this a second. I think John wouldn’t accept such advertisement contract, and would use for writing any kind of cheap plastic stuff, like his humble fan does.
But would John Lennon stand for ACTA?
While I’m writing I’m listening to his music. I always try to put myself in the shoes of the person, be he or she a EU Commissioner or someone weird in the Balkans or Afghanistan.
Hell, no. I wouldn’t know if John would use iPhone or Blackerry. I have a slightly better idea if John would prefer Sarkozy or Hollande. But I am quite sure he wouldn’t like ACTA for the way it has been negotiated. It’s my gut feeling. It’s all about background and common sense.
By the way, is Paul McCartney standing for ACTA?
Paul has certainly turned down the Montblanc proposal. He recently signed for me one of his vinyl records with a hotel giveaway ball pen which I treasure more than a Montblanc.

Paul can be asked the ACTA question, but I’m sure he wouldn’t comment, as he wouldn’t comment the French elections. Paul is performing in Antwerp on 28 March, don’t miss this concert!
Everybody knows John and Paul. Nobody knows the Anonymous – this nebula fighting for the freedom of internet. They look as Dan Brown-type secret society, but they are a lot like you and me.
The European Commission plus 22 EU countries stand for ACTA – but not a single face or name you can recognize. Strangely, the Anonymous are not those who oppose ACTA. It’s the promoters who are anonymous. Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about.

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  1. I think Lennon can be a role model to most people, although i don’t think i would have given back my CBE to the Queen 🙂

    Nice post !

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