Reuniting Europe

It’s not easy to do your job as a Brussels journalist these days. Herman Van Rompuy’s spokesperson gave the floor to only two colleagues to ask a question at the EU summit final press conference. And he made sure that they would be from Poland and ask how nice indeed the Polish EU Presidency has been.

So I couldn’t ask Barroso and Van Rompuy my simple question. When the leaders will meet in a couple of weeks in their new intergovernmental format, will the two of them be there, or will they watch the whole thing on television?

Anyway, we will watch television and we will see. But I managed to ask Parliament President Jerzy Buzek another simple question: how many are the EU members today? Are they 27 as we used to know, or 28 with Croatia, or 25 without UK, or 17 as eurozone, or 23 as eurozone plus euro-plus, or do I miss a figure as I usually do when I play loto? Watch his answer.


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