Reuniting Europe

Sittin’ on the dock of the Berlaymont, watching the tide roll in… That’s what a few of us journalists are doing in the August morning sun, if there is such a thing in Brussels. US has for the time being avoided the tornado, but this side of the Atlantic, we are still waiting for an Italian scirocco, a Spanish tormenta and a Cyprus καταιγίδα. If all these winds could blow more or less simultaneously, this could be ‘the perfect storm’.

So just wanted to tell you to read because we working throughout the summer. Didn’t mean to scare you or make the markets nervous. You can also read my blog or follow me on twitter GeorgiGotev if you want a bit more of personal feeling. The world has never been so unpredictable, in my experience. And I do have childhood memories of the Caribbean crisis.

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  1. You said on Twitter that the world has never looked more uncertain – that terrified me!

    I often feel like we’re dancing on the edge of the precipice, but I try to take comfort in the fact that many crises have come and gone in recent decades (oil shortages, currency shocks, Cold Wars, real wars etc.). I like to think that things have always been chaotic but that I’ve only been paying attention relatively recently.

    Given that you’ve seen some serious upheaval – notablly the collapse of the Soviet Union and ‘regime change’ in your own country – your warning of a perfect storm is a worry.

    Still, I’m going on holidays next week so that will help!

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