Reuniting Europe

Gazprom’s South Stream pipeline will most probably get a derogation from the Third Energy Package, the EU’s legislative framework that provides competitors with free access to pipeline networks, Bulgarian Energy Minister Traycho Traykov announced today (14 July).

If we are to believe the minister (why shouldn’t we), then the EU is effectively axing its rules on the liberalisation of gas markets, negotiated in 2007-2008, known in EU circles as the Third Energy Package.

Apparently, Gazprom has EU on a leash. First question, why adopting bold legislation, if it is soon abandoned vis-a-vis the EU’s most important partner in gas and energy?

Second question. Russia won, that’s for sure, and the looser is standing small But shouldn’t the EU put in place legislation regulating its energy relations in some sort of coordination with Moscow?

Because if not, the EU is making a poor show of itself. Maybe this should be the lesson learned?

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