Reuniting Europe

I’m back from the EPP summit meeting, which takes place just before the start of the EU summit. I didn’t find what I was searching for.

TV journalists could take some footage of leaders coming and going, or sitting around the lunch table, but the other journalists basically had little to do.

To make sure that journalists actually stay, sandwiches and sweets are generously provided. But this is not the meat I was hungry for.

Very few leaders make doorstep statements. Many pretend they cannot hear the journalists shouting their questions.

With few exceptions, their aides or ambassadors don’t mingle with the press and strictly make no statements.

A few years ago, it was still possible to speak to the leaders, ask a question or two, get some answers. And background information from diplomats.

I don’t want to sound nostalgic, but we sort of provided a better service to society. Nowadays the public gets TV picture with a blah-blah voice over.


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