Reuniting Europe

Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has asked all the Commissioners to provide him with material, preparing the Commission proposal for the next long-term EU budget, sources tell me. The proposal will be made public before the end of this month.

More importantly, Barroso has asked the Commissioners to provide examples to substantiate the hypothesis that EU money is well spent. In fact, he wants them to confirm with examples understandable to the wider audience, that the added value of any euro spend from EU funds is bigger, compared to national budgets.

Apparently, not all commissioners are happy about this assignment. Some privately say that in certain fields, this hypothesis could be confirmed, but certainly not in their area…

By the way, Poland shares the same kind of enthusiasm about the added value of EU money. The country will take over the EU presidency only days after the blueprint will see the light. Warsaw too has to think of examples to substantiate its thesis.

The question is: what happens it the hypothesis is not well substantiated? There isn’t much time left…

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