Reuniting Europe

Guys, today is 24 May. It’s a national celebration in Bulgaria, the day of the Bulgarian alphabet.


Some people think it’s Russian, but the Russian took it from Bulgaria in the 9the century. Even the Orthodox chanting in Russian churches is in fact ancient Bulgarian.

And we had a party. By chance, two prominent Bulgarian ladies hosted an event in the Berlaymont yesterday: Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva and UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova.

An exhibition was open, with the Bulgarian UNESCO-protected sites, which is still there and that you can see if you go to the Berlaymont cantine.

I was personally pleased to see Ms Georgieva and Ms Bokova together, as good friends.

Their high posts imply that they have taken distance from national politics. But as they come from different political backgrounds, it was really good to see them in such good terms. This hopefully augurs well for Bulgarian politics (in spite of efforts by some extremists to cast a shadow on the country).

So I’m sharing some photos: Ms Bokova and Ms Georgieva dancing horo.

Наздраве! Cheers!

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