Reuniting Europe

I never thought the title of my 100th blogpost with Blogactiv will sound so pessimistic.

But the way things are going, barbed wire could become the new symbol of Europe.

In a very short time, we have seen;

– a conflict between France and Italy over a number of economic migrants which in fact is not really high. A think-tank has called the row “a shameful race to the bottom“;

– another founding member of the EU, the Netherlands, devising various ways to circumvent EU law, and to pleasing a xenophobic electorate: by expelling EU citizens, by curbing workers from the newest EU members;

– the Commission is playing ball and is ready to change EU law, the inter-governmental approach substituting the community acquis;

– EU hopefuls behaving irresponsibly and giving little chance to those who still want to help them join the Union;

– EU members forgetting about promises made in the past regarding future EU enlargements.

My blog is still called “Reuniting Europe”. Should I think of another name?


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  1. Good afternoon Georgi,

    I hope you are OK.

    I am also filled with consternation by that EU that I don’t recognize.

    I’ve been very excited since 1997 (especially about the common currency – however life became more expensive with the euro).

    But today I’m fed up.

    I’m fed up, but I still have hope. I think we have to be optimsitic and fight those who cause a huge harm to the union of Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet.

    I think it is our duty to protect the credibility of the EU.

    EurActiv does that job. Fortunately EurActiv exists.

    Let’s keep on denouncing those who are not worthy of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman.

    Let’s protect the credibility and the integrity of the EU by keeping on introducing those in the EU who care about our future and about the true objective of the Fathers of the union.

    Peace at home, peace in the world.

    Best regards,


  2. Thanks Cem, I’m deeply moved by your kind words about EurActiv, which I’m conveying to all my colleagues.

  3. There is no reason for worries dear Georgi. It’s a matter of time to reaproach EU roots, it’s to late to walk back down the river. EU had in its tiny history faced many challenges and it has overcome them by the most triumphal way. Financial crisis causes internalization of the member states. When crisis will be past, EU will become again this what it used to be. A peacefull haven of countries with a common aim. EU countries have gone allready far from their ethnocentric way of thinking. We are going through a period of gloom, but a new vision is allready in the making.

    Best regards,

    Island of Zante, 04.05.2011
    Nikolaos daLezios

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