Reuniting Europe

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 63 year old ex-Governor of California who made a successful transformation from being a bodybuilder from Austria to a Hollywood star as the Terminator before serving two terms as the Governor of California, is being advised to consider heading the European Union. The new, first published by the Economist, still make waves across the world.

At the same time, Andrew Duff, a leading federalist MEP, is being pushing for legislation to introduce the first transnational lists in the next European elections, says that the next European Commission president should ideally be chosen from this list of 25 personalities recognisable across Europe. Duff probably hopes the person to replace Barroso is Guy Vehofstadt, leader of the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament and former Belgian Prime Minister.

He may be wrong. If the transnational lists become a fact, people like Schwarzenegger or former football player Hristo Stoichkov may eclipse Verhofstadt. By the way, Stoichkov was recently in Brussels and is working hard on his image as future European politician. Watch the video of Stoichkov playing football with Barroso.

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