Reuniting Europe

By adopting a text in its new constitution which says that the only legal tender in Hungary is the forint, the Fidesz-led supermajority in Hungary is building a wall against the euro.

Hungary may not be ready to adopt the euro anytime soon, but it is obliged to do so by its accession treaty. The move appears to indicate that in the perspective of the ruling supermajority, an opt-out is still possible.

It also appears to indicate that Hungary would not be bound by the same financial discipline as other EU countries, probably to be able to fiance some weird political projects… We shall see.

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  1. Oh, NO, Sir !

    We just learned the lesson, what happens if countries join into one financial community while there are serious differences among the levels of competitiveness and economical/industrial potentials.
    The countries having weaker potentials run up an account, and they may fall into the trap of debt.
    Spain, Portugal, Greece, and let me see, please, what will happen to Iceland.
    The determination of the currency exchange rate, and the Central National bank’s interest rate are tools what we can not jet throw away !

    I have already got tired about this one sided pozitivist EURO propaganda, in which cost-benefit aspects are never discussed, only the hymn about the idealized benefits could be heard.
    Why don’t you blame Great Britain and Sweden ?

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