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1st April spoof!

If you have landed here, you probably saw before that the EurActiv article “EU officials to limit air travel in drive to cut CO2 costs“.

Did you like it? Well, it’s not a real article, it’s a 1st April spoof.

If you got caught, it’s because my colleagues who wrote it made it as realistic as possible. I don’t rule out that some time soon commissioners and their services would have CO2 quotas, as an example for other to follow, before such measures become mandatory for all. I also don’t rule out that the Commission would soon stop printing out all those press releases ahead of midday briefings. Journalists can consult those documents on their laptops.

Any other proposals how to save the planet?

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  1. Great!

    I would like to refute rumors according to which EurActiv is slowing down its network development due to travel and CO2 consideration.

    Media like NGOs and corporates are in the private sector, and can contribute in many other ways. In the case of the press: by covering the issue and raising awareness.

    Other ways you see? suggestions?



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