Reuniting Europe

We were already familiar with PIGS, that is, the faltering and overspending Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Now here is a new acronym. People from the inner circle of Former Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn say he used to call Romania and Bulgaria the R&B countries, adding that he was not sure which was rhythm and which was blues.

Rehn probably refers to the traditional R&B originating in the 1940s in the Mississippi delta.

But knowing Romania and Bulgaria, I think they are closer to contemporary R&B. See the difference:

Old R&B above, contemporary R&B below:

By the way, the only contemporary R&B song I know is “Gangsta’s Paradise”

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  1. To begin with, since Romania and Bulgaria were not ready to be EU members, why has the EU granted them the membership?

    Secondly, I’m laughing, because corruption is wide in France too.

    I will not explain and give examples, but corruption is huge in France.

    Ok I agree that some progress must start somewhere.

    But the EU ought to write a report about corruption in France too.

    In France, the taxpayers’ money has been siphoned off.

    Especially those last years.

    Some shadowy lobbies steal the French money. And the French citizens don’t demonstrate.

    Best regards,


  2. Dear Cem,
    You are right on all points, I’m afraid.
    R&B were allowed in the EU because they agreed to be monitored, that’s why we have these reports about corruption only about those two countries (and not France or Italy for example).
    If they had not agreed to the monitoring, R&B would still be outside the EU, I have no doubt about that.
    That’s why I mention the name of Olli Rehn, he invented the whole trick.
    You live in France, if I understand correctly? And you are free to vote if you are not happy with the way the country is developing? In France, the way you vote makes a difference. In Bulgaria and Romania, many people don’t bother to vote, because nothing really changes.
    But maybe I’m over-pessimistic.
    Georgi from EurActiv

  3. I was born in France. I’m 34 years old. I’m both Turkish and French. I’m socialist and Keynesian. I only admire Lionel Jospin and Martine Aubry.

    I hope that Martine Aubry will be the next president of France next year.

    She is very intelligent, honest, sincere, professional. And I appreciate her personality.

    She’s very clever and she is able to save France from Sarkozy. She is able to clean the corrupt French society because she has a powerful will and program and ….. a Dyson!

    By the way, unlike Sarkozy, she does speak the French language.

    But it will be difficult, because unlike Sarkozy, Martine Aubry has no shadowy lobbies working for her through the media (TF1, France 2, BFMTV, ….) and several huge companies.

    Moreover she is a woman, and as in France people are misogynous, it will be hard for Ms Aubry to win the next elections.

    But it is not impossible. Because many French citizens realized that Sarkozy is an impostor.

    Best regards,


    PS. France is not like Sweden or Finland. A woman president in France? Let’s have hope.

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