Reuniting Europe

Several questions were asked by journalists today regarding the EU’s position on the Tunisian “jasmine revolution“, no real answer was given by Ashton’s spokesperson.

One of the questions was: can we take it, if the EU expresses support for the Tunisia revolution, that it also supports the opposition against other oppressive regimes in Morocco, Algiers, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Syria? Another one was: is the EU trying to put pressure on Saudi Arabia, when Ben Ali has found refuge, so that he would not orchestrate from there the destabilisation of his country. And is the EU going to impose sanctions against the Ben Ali family, believed to have robbed billions from the country? And is the EU going to send these days a delegation in Tunis?

Anyway. Mme Ashton will be in Strasbourg during the Parliament’s session this week and she would have to answer herself those questions, and probably many others.

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