Reuniting Europe

Sorry for being so blunt, but reality looks worse than the apprehensions some of us had. The Hungarian EU presidency also has a remarkably bad press.

France and other countries are giving advice to Hungary to freeze the media law issue for the period of its presidency.

Sweeping the media law under the presidential carpet would be of course a huge hypocrisy. A more adequate political signal would be for Paris and other capitals to tell Budapest: you are not ready for this presidency. And to keep the Belgians in office for another six months.

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  1. pls do so, than it would be easier for us EU skeptic Hungarians to force our government to break up with the anti Hungarian, anti Christian, now openly socialist leaning EU.

  2. Györky,

    Is the EU really anti-Hungarian, anti-Christian and openly socialist leaning? The centre-right EPP group is the dominant political force within the European Parliament. The EU is forcing tough austerity measures upon profligate members before they can access the bail-out fund. The EU doesn’t have jurisdiction over issues to do with Christianity (that’s more the domain of the ECHR) and if Hungary’s press is not free, then EU pressure to make it more free is PRO-Hungarian!


  3. EU = Disaster
    Hungarian politicians = Disaster

    So EU + Hungarian politicians = A Double Disaster!

    We should quit being a colony of Western Europe.
    And we should send all of our politicians to jail, forever.

  4. Gyula, that sounds easy. And what do we do next? Leave the country to Jobbik?
    Tell me what you think.

  5. No, Jobbik is part of the system.

    If we had a party, movement or something that could unite Hungary, we could make a Progressive country, we could build our future.

    But now we only have parties, who don’t give a crap about the country or it’s people.

    Jobbik’s so called “national radicalism” is just Fidesz’s ideas united with vulgar antisemitism and racism.

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