Reuniting Europe

Joe Litobarski, or EuroGoblin, joined EurActiv as Blogactiv & Social Media manager. Until now he was Co-Editor of He is replacing Stuart Langridge, who will be taking on new challenges. I will miss Stuart’s sharp humour and witty approach to his work. He mentioned something about ending a Brussels experience, but I tell him that Brussels is like Hotel California: you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. So I’m sure we’ll meet again, it’s only an “au revoir”. And don’t forget to blog, Stuart!

So welcome Joe! I hope you like the yellow colour. At EurActiv everything is yellow, we could call ourselves the Yellow Submarine, but we don’t want a lawsuit from someone we all like so much, I mean Paul McCartney. Here you can see me with Paul. He calls me George. I never complain.

I’m planning to spend more time in Blogactiv from the new year and to support Joe, who is full of ideas, on improving the platform and its interface with EurActiv, and doing lots of innovative things.

Dear friends, this is the time to send us your suggestions – to Joe or to me, it doesn’t matter. We are the same band. With a little help from you guys, we can be like this.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Georgi.

    Having had a couple of days to chat with Joe, I have no doubt that he will be taking Blogactiv in exciting new directions. As ever, these things will take a little time to plan and implement, but I’m sure it will be a grand new adventure for Blogactiv and the eurosphere.

    Best wishes,

    Director of Blogactiv (for 2 more days…)

  2. Thank you, Georgi!

    I’m looking forward to working with you, and to getting to know the BlogActiv community a bit better! It’s an exciting time for BlogActiv, and I see a world of possibilities in front of us – as you say – “with a little help from our friends.” 😉

    Soon-to-be Director of BlogActiv (in 2 more days…)

  3. Welcome Joe.
    Thank you Stuart for all of your support and enthusiasm – hope you still can come in with comments from time to time to keep us (especially me!) honest.

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