Reuniting Europe

Nomads of the world, unite!

France is not calling any more the poor Europeans it expels from its territory ‘Roma’, but prefers to refer to their nationality or simply to call them “nomads”.

A year and a half ago, Italy avoided Commission criticism for discriminating against Roma in a fingerprinting campaign targeted at the ethnic group. The reason for this, explained a Commission spokesperson, was that the Italian administration called the Roma “nomads”.

‘Nomads’ appears as politically correct, because it designates a way of life, not an ethnicity.

So forget the Roma, but be prepared to read a lot of stories about the nomads…

And I suddenly discovered that I have been a nomad all my life. I have lived in so many places, as a diplomat and as a journalist, that I can qualify for the category, along with circus professionals or opera singers. Maybe this is why, a couple of months ago, I said I was Roma.

Nomads of the world, unite!

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