Reuniting Europe

Time and again, the EU laments the divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Republika Srpska and the Bosnian-Croat federation live separate lives.

In view of recent events, we should expect Bosnians to say to Brussels: you guys first try to tell the Belgians to stick together, then we can talk again.

But the divisions in Belgium, the country, hosting the EU institutions (and holding at present the rotating EU presidency) may give bad ideas in other places on EU soil, such as Catalonia, or Scotland. The bad example is always contagious.

It’s strange that the EU has so much power to put pressure on an aspiring member like Bosnia, but never attempts anything similar vis-a-vis a member country.

And it’s weird that the mediation of the Cyprus reunification talks is completely outside the EU framework, with an Australian national in charge.

At least one should not be surprised if the EU is taken lightly in international affairs.

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