Reuniting Europe

Whenever the two big political groups EPP and S&D decide to have a good match, the Roma issue appears to be a safe playground for them.

Last winter, it was whether the then Commissioner-designate Maros Sevcovic had or not offended the Roma in a statement made years ago. The EPP lost, after a Roma activist said in fact Sefcovic had been one of the most pro-active people, ready to support this minority.

This time around, the EPP lost again, as Parliament voted a resolution strongly condemning France’s expulsions of Roma. EPP had its own resolution, just for the sake to keep Sarkozy safe of accusations, but it failed to pass it through.

The fact that EPP lost on both occasions is irrelevant. What strikes me is that the major political parties instrumentalise the Roma issue to suit their political in-fighting, perhaps because they feel safe exchanging niceties on a subject on which the interested party has no possibility to speak.

What happened following the Sefcovic controversy, did any of the two political groups keep the Roma issue high in their priorities after the match was over? Of course not, and why should they do it now? Who cares about the Roma?

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