Reuniting Europe

Some commentators were quick to say, after the first days of the vuvuzela championship, that European football was down. Now we see that no matter who wins today, when Germany plays against Spain, we will have a all-European final, as the other finalist is the Netherlands.

This is even more remarkable, knowing that never in history has a European team won the world cup, whenever the championship took place outside European soil.

I’m sorry for the Africans, especially for the team of Ghana, and even more for the Latin Americans (I’m a fan of Lionel Messi, who was not great this time, and of Diego Forlan, who was brilliant). I’m also a bit sorry for emerging football powers like South Korea, Japan and the US, who played much better that one could have expected. But they all have to acknowledge that Europe still proves to play best the game England invented.

Eastern Europe indeed did not make it very far. The Slovakia team was a small sensation and Slovenia played decently well. But what would be Germany’s Mannschaft without Lukas Podolski, Miroslav Klose and Piotr Trochowski with their Polish background and Mesut Özil with his Turkish origin? I saw with my very eyes ethnic Turks waiving Germany’s flag. Maybe we will see more of them in the next days.

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