Reuniting Europe

Slovaks will vote on 12 June. The prime minister Robert Fico is expected to win, although he might find it difficult to form a coalition.

But my point is that those elections are being influenced by developments in heighbouring Hungary, where the Fidesz party feels so strong, that it has adopted on 26 May a Citizenship Act making it very easy for ethnic Hungarians living abroad to obtain Hungarian citizenship.

Hungarian politicians ever spoke of “peaceful change of borders”, “building the New Central Europe”, “universal Magyarhood” and a Hungarian state of 15 million people, whereas the country has in fact 10 million.

Without any doubt, nationalists in Slovakia would find inspiration in those provocative statements and in the perceived threat for their country. Present-day Slovakia has been under the Austro-Hungarian empire and it’s not by chance that Czech artist David Cerny represented Slovakia in his controversial “Entropa” work as a Hungarian sausage.

Also, reportedly, as Slovakia suffers from unprecedented floods, the Hungarian parliament voted to send substantial aid to foreign countries, specifying that it should reach ethnic Hungarians. Offices are reportedly being set-up for distributing that aid. But Slovaks fear that in the longer run, those offices will recruit prospective new Hungarian nationals, with a strategy of building an electoral contingent for Fidesz for several parliamentary mandates ahead.

But the funny thing, if I may say so, is that the EU has no instrument whatsoever to react or take position.

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