Reuniting Europe

Iceland not in Europe?

From a scientific point of view, Iceland is not part of the European Continent, as it is not part of its continental shelf. By the way, Cyprus is not part of the continental shelf of Europe either.

But is Iceland in Europe or not? Frankly, until a few days ago, I was a bit confused myself. I’ve been to Reykjavik airport a number of times heading for the US or back. My feeling was that Iceland is a good place to land in the ocean. Like the Azores archipelago, which is part of Portugal, but geographically cannot be called part of Europe, because two of its westernmost islands, Flores and Corvo, lie on the North American shelf.

It was not the volcano eruption, but the suspension of flights that made me change my geographic perceptions. Iceland turned out to be much more in Europe than I thought.

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