Reuniting Europe

I was quite impressed by the speech of Parliament President Jerzy Buzek at the EU summit yesterday (25 March).

Buzek spoke quite clearly as of behalf of Eastern Europe, on at least two topics: the need to promote cohesion in the Europe 2020 strategy, and the urge for a geographic balance in the European External Action Service.

Similar views were expressed by the Visegrad leaders earlier the same day.

I asked Buzek the following question: Mr. President, you spoke on behalf of the Eastern European countries. But the next Parliament president will be from a Western country, should he then speak in the interest of the older member states?

He replied in substance that both cohesion and geographical balance were in the best European interest.

This is what is called a ‘diplomatic answer’. But I think Eastern Europe is trying to say something and I’m not sure its voice is been heard.

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