Reuniting Europe

I find it weird. Yanukovich, whom the Western press tagged as pro-Russian, is reportedly getting more support from Brussels compared to his pro-NATO predecessor Yushchenko.

In any case, this is a good development, as I see it. the EU has to be more explicit on what it can offer to Ukraine. And if Russia raises the stakes, then even Barroso can be more daring. As EuRoman asks, will Europe prepare for Ukraine?

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  1. in my opinion, it not so weird.
    EU has not to be scared with a president as Yanukovich, that Ukraine will be other Turkey – who wants the membership stubbornly, but perhaps will be satisfied with some trading agreements and further cooperation, which is positively seen also from the EU side.
    Ukraine now becomes good partner, not willing to much, but offering not so little…

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