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Shining Kristalina

I told the Bulgarian commissioner-designate Kristalina Georgieva that I was receiving compliments for her performance at yesterday’s hearing. I did not deserve those compliments, but those present who knew me apparently felt how proud I was as a Bulgarian for her performance.

I knew that she was familiar with the portfolio, so what I liked most was her attitude. She was not like other commissioners, who looked like students at an exam. She was like a VIP at a TV talk-show, and herself and the audience had several good laughs.

Well done Kristalina! But don’t rush those French lessons, please concentrate on Haiti!

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  1. I am really pleased with the performance of Kristalina Georgieva, the answers she gave and the general atmosphere during the hearing.
    In fact, I wish plenary and even committee hearings of commissioners in the EP can be watched real time online get the same publicity.

    The whole procedure is an excellent demonstration of democratic practices and one could only think of expanding it. I would be happy to see EP’s competences upgraded to voting for single commissioners-designates, instead of the whole commission en bloc.

    As an expert I would like to see more decentralization if not public scrutiny in EU’s high politics. The various foreign policy portfolios and energy should be de-politicized as much as possible and decision makers should speak publicly at similar events. being aware of the risks such a change can pose, I still think the long-term results would be preferable than the current status quo, as the case with the commissioners’ hearings clearly show

  2. Just congratulations. I think good performance from her side was already expected as she known for her portfolio in WB, but it was excellent performance, probably the Best one. She is appropriate successor of Kuneva (in different field, but anyway), because Kuneva also is a proud of Country thanks to good carrying on her Consumenr portfolio.
    I’m glad that Bulgarian government has managed to correct its fault (when it put reputation of whole country in a real sh** by suggesting certain Jeleva for such responsible portfolio.

  3. More power to her and I wish her well. As a person with a long life in politics, I know many of the embedded obstacles she will, unavoidable, face. It takes a person of her knowledge, experience, competence and, above all, courage to get anything done at the policy level in modern times. Perhaps others, throughout the EU power structure and in the members, will support her, by working cooperatively to help those in desperate circumstances. She is fascinating. I will follow her initiatives with much interest, support and hope.

  4. Also countering mediocre reputation of some ‘Balkan’ countries?

    Some countries like Rumania and Bulgaria have much to do to improve their image, not only via communication but also on substance, and sometimes regarding the quality of their political personnel.

    Regrets regarding the latest joiners even impact the continuation of the enlargement process. Which is not quite fair to Iceland, Croatia and so on.

    This is a focus of this ‘re-uniting’ blog (which I will also address on this one: , just started )

    This ‘happy end’ to the Bulgarian slot saga underlines again that one should not generalise and be prejudiced. Every country (last time: Italy) can attempt to propose people that are turned down. And I know from personal experience that very good people come from Bulgaria and Rumania!

    Good luck to Kristalina Georgieva!

    (and by the way, Georgi, the French language, or its creole derivative, IS of some relevance to Haiti as well)

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