Reuniting Europe

I have been to Moldova a few years ago and I realised that I speak one more language. My Romanian is good, and the people in Chisinau I met spoke the same language. However, officially, it was not called Romanian, but “the State language”.

No problem for me, it means that I can write in my CV that I speak one more language.

The same goes, more or less, with languages of former Yugoslavia. A few years ago, there was only one language, called Serbo-Croat. I used to speak basic Serbo-Croat, which means that now I also speak basic Serb, basic Croat and basic Bosnian. I hear that in Montenegro they now say that their language is Montenegrin. So I speak basic Montenegrin too.

Now I understand why Barroso does’t have a multilingualism commissioner in his new team. We are getting multilingual without any effort!

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  1. Dear Kiro, I am Macedonian, in the geographic sense. And yes, I speak your state language : )

  2. So you truly believe that Macedonian language does not exist, just because you are “geographic” Macedonian? Hmmmm

  3. Strange conclusion. I maybe understand Macedonian language, but fail to understand Macedonian logic ; )


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