Reuniting Europe

Aspiring commissioner Rumiana Jeleva was so sure of her performance that she ordered the Bulgarian national radio to transmit the three-hour debate live.

As a Bulgarian national, I am as embarrassed as any of my compatriots. Jeleva made a sorry show of herself and failed to dispel ‘rumours’ about her family business.

But more importantly, it was revealed that Jeleva was able to obtain’s Barroso’s confidence despite the fact that her financial interest statements appear as controversial. Also, it is strange that the European Parliament accepted similar even more controversial statements.

Maybe this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. And maybe she’s not the only one… Sometimes politicians “forget” to declare one revenue or one house… Jeleva is just a scapegoat. “Doesn’t matter, she’s Bulgarian,” some old-west-Europeans would say…

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