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The Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borissov has embraced the move by extremist leader Volen Siderov, leader of Ataka, a xenophobic party, to hold a referendum for banning a short TV news programme in Turkish language on the Bulgarian national TV [more].
My question is: is Borissov, whose party GERB is EPP-affiliated, entering in coalition with Ataka, a nationalist and xenophobic party?
I also wonder if this largest European family approves Borissov’s latest moves. Last night, the EPP chief spokesperson said “no comment”.

P.S. Writing on 5 January back from holidays, I am happy to say that the government has abandoned the idea for a referendum on the short news in Turkish. It was Rumiana Jeleva, the EU’s new commissioner-designate for humanitarian aid, who said so.

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  1. This is very wrong, and contrary to the values that the EU stands for.
    Also, I do not understand the significance of the reported comment that Bulgaria has only one official language. So what? Most member states have no problem in providing services in languages other than their official language(s).

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