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Macedonia deadlock?

Prominent MEP Eduard Kukan, chair of the Parliament delegation for relations with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, gives advice to those willing to listen.

Kukan has been the foreign minister of his country, Slovakia, during half of the time of its existence, following its split from former Czechoslovakia.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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  1. when are these people going to respect history, the Bible, archeaology,and every other source that proves beyond a doubt that the true Macedonians were,are, and always will be Greek. How can anyone believe in their cause if we all know that you can not build a nation on lies and deciet , because if you do it’s only going to collapse on its own foundation, and that we know because History has proven it over and over. The problem has always been is that mankind does’t learn from it’s mistakes.

  2. Forget E.U. with Greece in it.Lets join China whih has recognased under the constitutional name.We are not allon and we dont have beg the old lady of Europe it wont happen any way.What ever Macedonians do is nationalistic and not right.I m asking You to look in Your own backyards and You will see that You are ten times what the Macedonians are.Insted of pressing Grece to apologize to the Macedonians in Greece for the genocide they have done and still goin on You asking Macedonia ti change its name.Shame on You.The day is comming when Your own future generations will be very ashamed of their fathers the way they treated Macedonia and the MACEDONIANS.dONT GIVE UP mACEDONIANS AND HADS UP.We have see worst time than this.

  3. I would like to ask Mr. Georgi Gotev if he considers a nationalism careing for your people in the neighbouring countries like Bulgaria and Greece. Where Macedonians lack basic human rights: to have their ethnic Macedonian schools and attend their own Macedonian Orthodox Church. It is pitty someone from the Balkans has such a view on the things. Macedonia has never occupied any foreign teritory in the neighbourhood in the modern history. Which can not be said for our neighbours. Macedonia has fullfilled most of the benchmarks for start of the negotiations with the EU. The so called name dispute it will never be solved as long as EU does not recognise the sovereignity of Macedonia. We have allways been Macedonians and our country’s name is even mentioned in the bible. We have no right to change our biblical name just because someone dont like it.

    Kind regards.
    Roberto Iliev

  4. A decision that most progressive intelectuals in the free world would have been ashamed of. Shame, Shame, Shame.

    One can wonder whether these people respect their own standards as outlined by their own EU.

    There should be no need to look at the historical facts. The very recent history (past 50-60 years) proves the existence of the state called Macedonia. Should I mention few other facts?

    Shameful decision – denying the existence of a nation in the 21st century.

    From Canada – The free world

  5. “Macedonia has never occupied any foreign teritory in the neighbourhood in the modern history. Which can not be said for our neighbours”

    It’s exactly this Ultra-Nationalistic mass hysteria of modern Macedonians that is to blame for all this mess. You are raised since birth to pretend the “victims” of a cruel world, where behind everything, there is a somewhat world-wide conspiracy against you. In your imaginary world, all your neighbours are always the “perpetrators” and you the “innocent” saints. Well, i have news for you. Wake up if you want anyone to take you seriously.

    Pointing fingers to others for the mess you are responsible, doesn’t help you at all. Instead of blaming others, have your self-criticism and abolish once and for all the extreme type of Nationalism which tends become the primary characteristic of your identity. I am a Bulgarian residing now in Greece and i ‘ve also lived in other Balkan countries, including your country. Nowhere i found such hostility and racism as it happened in your place.

    Pics like this are found in your country in a daily schedule.

    All you have learnt to bubble is “human rights” but you have no clue even what it is about. If a Macedonian dares to admit publicly his Bulgarian origins, he will find himself thrown in a prison and you have the AUDACITY to speak about human rights.

    Bible talks about Macedonia but you have nothing to do with them. Get over these wet nationalistic dreams. Those antique people identified themselves mostly as Greek and certainly have nothing to do with you. If you want to go forward as a people, leave aside all this unecessary hate and irredentist dreams. All the countries are moving forward and you are stuck in ideologies of past centuries!! Wake up before its too late!

  6. A nationalist backlash followed in the small country of 2.5 million, which former US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke famously called “a hole in the middle of nothing”.

    Anyone can give me the exact quote where Holbrooke said this?


  7. Dear Georgi,

    It is interesting though that you cannot provide me with the source of the quote and you continue to delete my question? Why?


  8. Almost two months later you didn’t provide any source for your alleged quote. You obviously don’t care about your credibility…

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