Reuniting Europe

I met Jacques Delors again. I had already had the honour of being in his company when we made a 90-minute TV film about him, Toma Tomov* and me, in 2001. We called the film “Citizen Delors”, partly inspired from a poster of “Citizen Kane” which Delors had kept in his Berlaymont office, in previous years, and from the fact that he had become a citizen of Europe, more than of his own country. At that time he told us then that he had better recognition in Germany. This time I assured him that in Eastern Europe he is seen indeed as one of the fathers of Europe, being for sure the most recognisable among them, and certainly as the architect of EU enlargement and of the euro.

Delors is like Gorbachev, he is getting more recognition abroad. Gorbachev and Delors are probably the greatest European citizens.

*Toma Tomov, an outstanding Bulgarian TV journalist and globe-trotter. His interviews with Indira Ghandi, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, Olof Palme, Henri Moore. Akira Kurosawa, Vladimir Vissotski and many others, are pages of history.

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  1. This is sad, but still – a fact of life. Very few politicians still receive applauses when they are not on the stage.

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