Reuniting Europe

Jean Quatremer wrote in hos blog, among other things, that according to an internal Commission paper he saw, Bulgarian commisioner designate Rumiana Jeleva would get Justice and Home Affairs.

The news were taken up immediately by the entire Bulgarian press. The daily Dnevnik, the partner of EurActiv in Bulgaria, carried the story, which had already gathered 62 readers’ reactions at the moment I am writing.

I will quote from some reactions: Muncho writes: “I’m horrified! The Bulgarian mafia gets the justice portfolio!”

(Muncho doesn’t necessarily mean that Jeleva is from the mafia, but he apparently finds it odd that country where the mafia is omnipotent is getting the JHA portfolio.)

T writes: “Sounds absurd: Bulgaria to get Justice, and Hungary – finance.” (Indeed, according to the same paper, bankrupt Hungary might hope for the finance porfolio.)

Queen of Hearts writes: “Just look at the Bulgarian judicial system and make your judgment if Bulgaria deserves this portfolio”.

And XXL writes: Justice and home affairs for Bulgaria? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ……………………..

(XXL got the greatest number of “aprovals” from other readers. Forum participants can approve or disapprove others’ opinions.)

I also granted XXL with my approval.

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