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Asking this question, I am using the language of the Turkish chief negotiator Egemen Bagiş. He says that his country’s negotiating process should be ‘sustainable’ and advocates benchmarks, allowing chapters to be opened, negotiated and the closed, insted of either being blocked once opened, or prevented from opening.

However I am not sure whether he sees his country’s commitments under the Ankara Protocol as part of these benchmarks. Recently Bagiş told me that that stalled negotiations on Turkey’s EU accession can be unblocked swiftly if the Cyprus talks make headway. Turkey is an important stakeholder to this talks and everybody knows the talks will move forward if Ankara allows it.

Here I come back to my question.

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  1. Turkey accesion doesn’t seem to lead anywhere among others because of Cyprus. Turkey wants to stay the guarantator to an EU country believe it or not, as if we leave in the colonial past. They say that there will a new plan proposed for the unification of Cyprus next year. But if Turkey is stated to play the guarantator again for Cyprus as in 2004 it will be disqualified of course by the Greek-Cypriots (not by the Turkish settlers).
    For those who don’t know Turkey is the one who is still violating the trilateral agreement of London and Zurich with UK and Greece, by having Turkish army there and partitioning the island. Also they illegally set Turkish settlers there, to change the demographic data of the island. (Nice guarantator it was in the first place.)

    The Turkish-Cypriot president has the same opinion as Turkey, so it is impossible if the Turkish position doesn’t change. Turkey wants to enter the EU while it has chronic disagreements with two EU countries Greece and Cyprus with no intention of solving them properly. Well Turkey will somewhere along the road to EU will have to find out that upholding the international law and good neightbourly relations are essential to EU. And then the choice is theirs. EU supports dialog doesn’t mean it will put up with Turkey’s nationalistic mindset otherwise it will fall apart.

  2. I think that taking the one-sided view of Cypriots is not very helpfull.

    First, Cyprus entered Europe in contradiction with several laws but mostly about the effective control of borders. To circumvent the problem, it has been then proclaimed that members of the turkish community on the island would be european citizens with no effective rights but to soften the bit would be allowed direct flights / shipping with Europe in exchange for the Ankara protocol.

    Once Cyprus entered, Cypriots decided the Ankara protocol would become a one-way contract and this with the support of France, Germany and the likes. So to answer your question (Is that really a criteria for accession): No.

    Once borders of Greek Cyprus are modified or UN plan for a Unified Cyprus are accepted things will go back to normal.

  3. I understand that this question encourage many to link Turkey’s accession bid to Cyprus problem.

    In fact, Turkey’s accession and Cyprus question are two separate phenomena, and therefore need to be dealth with separately. The former is a relationship between a political union (EU) and a candidate country which would like to be part of this union. It is all about political preferenses of the Union and Turkey.

    The latters is rather a problem between two communities sharing the same island. One should admit that it is easy to blame one country or another for the failure of islanders (both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots) to reach a sustainable solution on the island. But the solution lies in the very hands of these two communities not in those of others.

    Bilateral problems should not impair the vision of the EU to bring peace and prosperity to the whole Europe and wider region. And of course, member states of the EU which are bitter against Turkey in one way or another, should not block the whole system in a way to realize their narrow interests.

    Turkey puts a lot of efforts to fulfill the membership criteria, and waiting for the same to be done by the EU side. At the end of the day, it believes that the membership serves to the best interests of Turkish people and the EU.

    Is it a viable process?

    Yes, of course viable. Otherwise, neither side would have anchored in each other for so long.

    Why is it not straight forward?

    The answer is rather simple. EU deals with a large and powerful country. The 6th largest economy, the second largest population of Europe. It is a country whose membership may dramatically change the balance of powers in the EU system. In fact, it will.



  4. The opposition against Turkey’s accession has next to nothing to do with the southern “Greek Cypriot Republic” and everything to do with its religious orientation. The truth is the bulk of the EU populace still require many more centuries of Scoial Evolution to enable them to respect people of other faiths and shed their Medieval Crusader mantality!

    As for Turkey soon enough the EU comprised of “has been” nations will be viewed as totally irrelevant. After all Turkey has become the World’s 17th largest economy outside of the EU and as a major Internationa Power Turkey would be better off on its own!

  5. it is not fair to show turkey as being the only party breaking international agreements concerning cyprus and greece. eu membership of cyprus is clearly against the same agreements which mandate that cyprus must not become member of an international organization which greece and turkey are not yet members of.
    greek site is as much responsible for the current state of the issue because it was the killings by greek militia that triggered the turkish military presence in the first place and even today the polls on greek site shows that greeks do not want to live as one nation with the turkish cypriots. greek site clearly expressed this last time in 2004 voting no for a un plan which was an attempt to resolve the issue.
    in agean matter, greece is contributing the problems just as much by keeping military forces on agean islands, which is a violation of international agreements.

  6. I agree with most comments.
    Cyprus is Cyprus’s problem and no one cares otherwise it would be already solved.
    Turkey’s accession to EU is a strategic interest of “Western Powers” including America. America can build its force in East-Asia if Europe starts to care a bit more of its own neighborhood: Russia and Middle East. Europe can find back its way to dynamism and pertinence in a redefined world.

  7. First of all i would like to note the enlargement map of the EU on the web site. I ask myself since when Greece has a coastal line at the Black sea ???
    I guess some people failed very bad in Geography. Anyhow…why can’t we Turks see that the EU is just trying to tie us up to their needs and nothing more or less! Eventhough Cyprus is known and recognised as a split country by the whole world it was not a factor for them not to join the EU before they’ve solved the problem. Now it’s always slaped in our face to solve it before we can even continue our chapters. It doesnt matter how hard we try to join the club or how hard we will try to find solutions on that matter, they will always find an obsticle for us to block the road. We should go our own way and let them be, and i bet my life on it that the EU will be the one offering us full accession before we can even think.
    hmmmm sorry let me take my bet back… 70mil moslems accepted by the EU??? hehe those who believe thats gonna happen must be kiddin me. The second largest population in the EU which also means 2nd most inseated nation in the EU parliament?? LOL! Sorry , sad but true let’s wake up. Let us all be friends and be righthous to another. No matter what hate has never brought tears and fears in life. Lets love and see more objectively.


    PS: We all can see that the EU itself can not sustain anymore. So as i said lets have all good relations constant dialogue and most important lots of respect.Borders cant last long walls fall but love always lives everywhere even if its hidden yet.

  8. Dear Georgi

    I have been following up any updates for the E.U map and it has been quite a while. Unfortunatly i havent seen any changes or updates. The reason why i get back to this is that i have just recently seen a deluded video on youtube made from a extremist Greek or Bulgarian citizen who has obviously menthal problems or what so ever. Anyways i just wanted to reach out to you on this matter because i think that everybody has the right for true and solid information.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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