Reuniting Europe

East European leaders may be bargaining for a fairer deal on climate funding, however the impression remains that they are less interested in the subject, compared to their colleagues from ‘older Europe’.

I was discussing this with my friend Jan Vitasek, a Czech journalist, yesterday night in the Council meeting, while EU leaders were having dinner. Jan asked me if it was only his impression that our societies are less concerned of the danger to the planet, and I said that we may be at least two to see it this way.

“In Bulgaria, nobody seems to care that icebergs are melting,” I told Jan, speaking for the country I know best.

Jan replied:” We don’t have icebergs in the Czech Republic.”

Yes, this is Czech humour, but it also helps understand why the country’s president denies that climate change is a result of human activity. Recently they named a tempest Klaus, I wonder if he got the message.

Anyway, we have a problem. I’m not concerned so much from the fact that leaders disagree, it’s rather the different degrees of awareness in our societies that I find distressing.

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  1. Well, not all ‘new Member States’ are ignorant. It appears, that Estonia did not endorse the Polish-Hungarian views at the recent summit. Of course, Estonia also does not like to regard herself as ‘Eastern’ either…

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