Reuniting Europe

This is the question I asked to Turkish chief negotiator Egemen Bagis yesterday in Brussels, after he declined to disclose what are Turkey’s aspirations. He didn’t say it was bad (maybe because before that I had asked him if it was possible for Turkey to wait another 45 years).

Anyway – it’s a good subject to discuss, and please give me your thoughts.

I want to say also that I have met just couple of days ago with Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu and was able to get impressions from both men. Davutoglu and Bagis are very professional, they appear to be a good team, their are determined and ambitious. I’ve been in administration and I know that this is not always the case in other places.

On the negative side, I notice some wording that you can find in the articles that convey a wrong message. In particular, Bagis spoke of ‘the EU not the only option’ for Turkey. He didn’t elaborate, but Davutoglu also warned that the Caspian gas, for which Turkey provides the transit ‘would go to China’. I think Turkey is shooting itself in the foot if it speaks this kind of language to its official EU contacts.

P.S. Thanks Zeynep for your comment and thanks to Tony Barber from the Financial Times for linking our article to his excellent blog.

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  1. About the options of Turkey: President Gul announced recently to the Turkish press that when Turkey fulfills all the requirements of the EU and becomes an a centre of attraction, she might do what Norway did.

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