Reuniting Europe

After the Irish ‘yes’, the Lisbon Treaty has already been ratified politically. Two presidents’ signatures are missing to complete legally the ratification process. The Polish one appears to be motivated by the will to extort concessions from the EU as much as he can, and the Czech one simply doesn’t like the EU reform treaty.

I think that these presidents should be aware that they are damaging Eastern Europe’s image. What makes me angrier is that all this coincides with the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Europe’s reunification (I don’t like the term ‘enlargement’).

I know of theories that say that ‘enlargement will kill the EU’. Klaus in particular wants to kill the Lisbon Treaty; therefore those who subscribe to those theories can claim that they are right. Without Lisbon the Union would inevitably become multi-speed, and those who would loose are precisely the EU newcomers.

I wish to see the civil societies in Poland and the Czech Republic telling their presidents that the procrastination is not in the name of the people. But I am aware that civil societies both in the Czech Republic and Poland are much less active today, compared to twenty years ago.

It’s not the two presidents, it’s this apathy, if it is confirmed, which could damage the reputation of these countries, which contributed enormously for Europe’s reunification, one generation ago.

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