Reuniting Europe

The Commission is transparent enough to make obvious the huge East-West gap in the EU administration highest posts’ distribution.

The data are appalling.

At the highest level of the administration, AD16, there are 37 civil servants from across the EU, of which zero East Europeans. At the next level AD15, there are 235 civil servants, from which only four are from the East – three from Hungary and one from Slovakia.

At the next level AD 14, out of 431 civil servants, there are 33 East Europeans. Follows the category A13, where from a total of 538 civil servants, there are only three East Europeans.

The situation looks bad also in the AD12 category, with only 65 East Europeans, out of a total of 2.854.

To cut it short, overall, in the five top categories, Eastern Europeans hold 105 posts, out of a total of 4.095. According to the countries populations, they should hold roughly 1.000.

More details are available here.

There is no need to argue further that Eastern Europe is underrepresented at top positions. Mr. Barroso needs to counter-balance this situation, which is expected to persist for the next few years. Certainly not by attributing to the East Europeans portfolios such as ‘multilingualism’, as he did last time.

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  1. I’m not the greatest enthusiast for blogs, but in your case, Georgi, I’m happy to make an exception. The three pieces you’ve put up so far have the originality that has always marked your work ever since I’ve known you, back in those days before Bugaria’s application. I’m glad to see that you are still bringing freshness to European reflections – it’s one of the greatest contributions that the people of new member states can make. Keep it up!

  2. Mr Gotev,
    realy there is a huge gap between West and East Europeans as a moral, as a vision, as competences. Giving more posts in EU administration is not the way to eliminate the gap.
    Let’s be fair – but not the way you claim. Let’s focus on fair competition between experts and their abilities, not on fair distribution acc. geography.

  3. That’s true Georgi but according to the new figures (1/10/09) there are 1443 civil servants from central and eastern Europe at level AD5, out off 2194, i.e. 65,8%! Let’s hope retiring at the upper jobs and internal ‘concours’ will reduce the gap in the coming years…

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