BREAKING: EU, US sanctions work: Rogozin stranded in Transnistria as Ukraine denies overflight

Posted by Georgi Gotev on 10/05/14

Yesterday Dmitry Rogozin, a top Russian official,bragged on twitter that he was able to land in Transnistria overflying Bulgarian and Romanian airspace, because Ukraine didn’t let him go. Rogozin was in Tiraspol for the 9 May celebrations.
But now he is stranded in the breakaway region, as the US has put pressure on Romania not to let him go.

Rogozin is on the EU and US sanctions list. Currently a deputy Prime Minister responsible for defense, he is a former Russia Ambassador to NATO, and quite a personality. He describes himself as a “troublemaker” and his Twitter account has over 11.000 very alert followers, if you know what I mean.
Big question is: how did Bulgaria and Romania let him go on the way in to Tiraspol? Apparently Kyiv is a better Western ally than Sofia or Bucharest.
I learned about Rogozin’s movement thanks to Christo Grozev in Twitter.
Read the full account of Rogozin’s Transnitria trip on his Twitter account @DRogozin
Read Christo Grozev’s on Rogozin’s movements on his Twitter account @christogrozev
READ MORE in Christo Grozev’s blog…

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