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Message with a bottle

Will tomorrow’s bottles of wine look like this?

I received a letter and bottle of wine sent by a group of intellectuals and artists from Europe. Their message is that adults shouldn’t be treated as children and that that the policy of issuing well-meaning health messages should be dropped.
“If you treat responsible adults like children who need to be given health warnings, you might open the door to people actually behaving like children at some point in the future,” they write.
Although this organisation “Adults for Adults” appears to have been cobbled fast and their website is almost empty, there have a point.
But obviously, this is a message designed to impact on the Tobacco Products Directive, which hopefully should be adopted under the mandate of the Present Commission and Parliament. (Or else, it would be an embarrassment for Commission President José Manuel Barroso, who asked the former Health Commissioner John Dalli to resign and who is likely to take the blame for having been trapped by the tobacco lobby.)
Anyway, I have a bottle of wine and it’s Friday afternoon. Lobbying can be fun, sometimes. But most of the time it sucks. I hope the wine is good.

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