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Wrong Mario!

It’s a very respected newspaper, but nobody is perfect, not even the FT.

This morning the salmon-colored daily carries on its first page a photo of Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. But the caption says “Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi, ECB President, talk in Berlin yesterday”.

Having worked as a journalist in the printed press for many years, I’ve seen mistakes happen. But that one is big indeed.

Journalists call both Mario ‘Super Mario’. That’s confusing too. But what a Super Blunder!

See PDF of FT’s first page with wrong Mario:

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  1. Interesting.
    Papers never refuse ink.
    Could Angela and the Marios be getting it all wrong as well, one wonders ??

  2. Another hurdle that often European papers pose between press-insiders and readers is to state the name of personalities without mentioning their official function. Europe-wide, they are many and the common citizen may not remember them all.

  3. This morning’s pitfall on FT:
    “giving those powers to Frankfurt” should be “giving those powers to the ECB”

    Euro banks face sweeping regulation

    The European Central Bank would be given sweeping authority over all 6,000 eurozone banks under a plan being drawn up by the European Commission, putting Brussels on a collision course with Germany and the ECB itself, which have urged a more decentralised first step towards “banking union”.

    The plan, agreed at a meeting this week between top aides to José Manuel Barroso, commission president, and Michel Barnier, the EU’s senior financial regulator, would strip existing national supervisors of almost all authority to shut down or restructure their countries’ failing banks, giving those powers to Frankfurt.

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